Contains items that can be used by heroes or sold to the market

Supplies Edit

Elixirs Edit

  • Basic EXP Elixir (40 exp)
  • Average EXP Elixir (300 exp)
  • Advanced EXP Elixir (1500 exp)

Horns Edit

Used to communicate with other players.

Stamina Edit



Gold itemsEdit

World Map Edit






  • Lucky Coin - Used in weekend Lucky Slot Machine.
  • Torch - 1 free Crystal Dungeon sweep. Can be used once per day.

Equip Edit

Equips grant additional stats that can either be passively or actively implemented.

Gray Edit

Green Edit

Blue Edit

Purple Edit

Material Edit

Materials / Runes are items used for advancing heroes to a better color. Only full runes are listed in this section and not scraps.

Gray Edit

Green Edit

Blue Edit

Purple Edit

Soulstone Edit

Soulstones are pieces of heroes you can collect to summon a new one or evolve to a higher star level

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