• Massive armor due to Kings Guard and passive skill
  • Teams up extremely well with Uther to counter physical teams
  • Getting bitchslapped easily ūüėÄ
  • Can provide front and mid-row heroes with huge armor/ap/ad bonuses
  • Soul Stones available in Gold Wish
  • Extremely dependent on Kings Guard, thus very vulnerable to silence and interrupts
  • Vulnerable to Magic Damage until Prayer Level 13
  • Weak Damaging Skills including Ultimate


Hero Pros Cons
  • Ultimate: 15% extra damage to a single target makes her powerful in Team Raid
  • Can block ranged attacks and provides allies with massive shields
  • Can hinder the enemy team by constantly draining their energy
  • Can create a Clone of herself using Frost Wail
  • Shields easily removed by Pandarus
  • Suffers a bit from Mid-Row Claustrophobia
  • Holds the monopoly in "Team-wide healing"
  • Great in almost any game mode
  • Soul Stones available In Gold Wish
  • Can have trouble dealing with Pandarus and Viper Elixir users (especially Candy)
  • Can provide her team with strong temporary shields
  • Teams up well with Merlynn and Karna
  • Can prevent enemies from healing
  • Does good damage for a Support
  • Soul Stones available in Hero Brawl
  • Trees spawned by her passive can be hard to detonate due to AoE timings usually overlapping
  • Requires high level Viper Elixir to counter healers effectively
  • Can provide massive Ability Power buffs
  • Can provide significant life steal for AP heroes, especially those belonging to her Awakening Group
  • Pets are frequently cast and take reduced AoE damage, making them great distractions
  • Soul Stones available in Gold Wish
  • High damage AoE works well to clear out enemy pets such as Rams Scarabs
  • If no enemy pet users are present, her AoE struggles to hit anything more but the enemy tank
  • Ultimate AP buff Is cast on a priority list which may not match your desired target
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia
  • Prone to being focused and killed off quickly by heroes such as Mira
  • Relies on summoning her pets and is thus vulnerable to silence and other forms of interrupt such as Ruby's booster tackle
  • Massive single target heal
  • Second smaller heal + physical shield available through Awakening
  • Strong Armor Debuff
  • Frequently summoned Guards can serve as distractions, especially for heroes such as Smoke
  • Ultimate can deal decent damage and interrupt enemy skills
  • Struggles against Pandarus, Candy and Viper Elixir users
  • Works best on Physical and Hybrid Teams, but is only part of one Awakening Group based around pure Magic users
  • Requires Awakening to truly shine
  • Provides good healing for tanks
  • Dodge buff can provide tanks with a significant durability boost
  • Her Ultimate can provide significant healing, damage and cc all at once
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia
  • Prone to being focused and killed off quickly be heroes such as Mira
  • Only part of a single Awakening group, which happens to be Aurai's Battle Frenzy. So unless you plan on running a two healer line-up, Muse won't ever benefit from Awakening buffs
  • Her heals are mostly only effective for healing tanks
  • Speeds up his entire teams attack and movement speed significantly upon entering battle, making him a great fit for offensive teams relying on burst damage
  • Can resurrect fallen heroes, potentially turning around the tide of battle
  • Very vulnerable to back-row attackers
  • Will only cast his speed buff once, making him lose a lot effectiveness in drawn out battles


Hero Pros Cons
  • Summoned ghosts serve as great distractions and can potentially even soak up single target ultimate skills
  • Good AoE damage
  • Increases whole teams magic damage by lowering all opponents magic resistance
  • Can fit in many teams and shares Awakening groups with many other very popular heroes
  • Frail Mid-row
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia
  • Damage/Debuff support Hybrid
  • Lead of the arguably currently strongest and most readily available Awakening group
  • Blind works well with Dodge-based heroes
  • Magic Resistance debuff not really useful for most heroes he's being paired with
  • Frail Mid-row
  • Unimpressive Ultimate
  • Good damage
  • Summons bugs as distraction
  • Has skills which will focus on the most wounded opponent
  • Casts AoE silence early
  • Highly likely to be the Death Rock Awakening lead (very anticipated Awakening group with lots of popular heroes)
  • Soul Stones available from Gold Wish
  • Very frail mid-row
  • Jack of all trades, master of none
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia
  • Fairly good survivability compared to most other mid-row mages
  • Great CC and disruption due to team-wide silence and frequently cast Knock-up skill
  • Reduces the entire opposing teams magic resistance
  • Soul Stones available in Crusade shop
  • Fits into many teams and shares his Awakening group with several other very popular heroes
  • Reduces the entire enemy teams magic resistance¬†
  • Silence will completely backfire if opponent uses Gridlock¬†
  • Basic attack only does half damage¬†
  • Great Magic Damage
  • Uses his single target stun fairly frequently
  • Viper Elixir equip allows him to act as a heal-debuffer
  • Awakened Skill gives increased Magic penetration for Horror Story heroes (includes Theresa and Lilith)
  • Mostly outclassed by other mages/marksman unless coupled with Theresa and/or Lilith
  • Capable of dishing out some truly monstrous and continuous damage over a large area
  • Arguably one of the strongest damagers for Crystal Dungeon, Tower Defense and Crusade, especially when coupled with Merlynn
  • Soul Stones available in Gold Wish
  • Great as a substitute for Hero Brawl
  • Terrible Awakening Group
  • Absolutely requires manual control to reach her full potential - if used by the AI her Ultimate will result in suicide more often then not
  • Excellent Magic Damage
  • Especially great potential for burst damage
  • Ultimate banishes all pets inside the effected area
  • Only effective with Knock-Up heroes, thus EXTREMELY restricted in terms of team building (Monk Sun, Blaine)
  • Frail mid-row
  • Ultimate removes all debuffs and cc from effected enemy heroes
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia
  • Questionable Gear and Awakening Groups
  • Great for PVE (Crusade & Dungeon) due to her summon doing good damage and having great cc and distraction potential¬†
  • Good Buddy Awakening group lead; will increase the damage of other summoned creatures such as Almas ghosts and Rams scarabs
  • Frail mid-row
  • Underwhelming damage
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia
  • Passive: Ability Power increases with each attack, making her very effective in prolonged battles such as team raid
  • Surprisingly sturdy at higher quality levels due to many defensive runes, advancement bonuses and Dragon Prayers
  • Soul Stones readily available from Crusade Shop and Gold Wish
  • Slow to get going
  • Brings nothing else but damage to the table
  • Poison duration is so short she can hardly make use of her bonus damage conditions
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia
  • Can steal massive amounts of health, especially when coupled with Awakened Merlynn
  • Unimpressive damage
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia¬†
  • Vulnerable to stuns and silence
  • Has trouble fitting into teams because he serves only as a magical tank
  • Great AoE magic damage
  • Works incredibly well together with Merlynn & Candy
  • Viper Elixir allows her to be used as a heal debuffer
  • One of the very few free options for the position of a back row mage
  • Her passive is exceptionally great early on, but slowly loses effectiveness as the game progresses towards max level
  • Great damage
  • Excellent survivability for a damage dealer
  • Shares Awakening groups with many other popular heroes
  • Doesn't bring anything else but damage to the table
  • Soul Stones available in Gold Wish
  • Good support skills for pure AP teams
  • Useful in Crystal Dungeon
  • Very frail mid-row
  • Requires a 2/1/2 line-up for his buff to take full effect
  • Usually not very useful except for a niche-role on AP based stall-teams
  • Excellent magic damage and CC abilities
  • Can close to perma-silence tanks, stripping them of a lot of their active defenses
  • Shares Awakening groups with many other popular heroes
  • Viable in pretty much any game mode
  • Tends to have trouble dealing with summoned units, often resulting in her Silence and Ultimate getting wasted
  • Good Magic Damage
  • Soul Stones available from Arena Shop
  • Frail mid-row¬†
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia¬†
  • No CC or support skills¬†
  • Underwhelming passive skill¬†
  • Struggles to bring anything to the team other mages can't do better¬†


Hero Pros Cons
  • Good AoE damage
  • Soul Stones available from Crusade Shop
  • Decent survivability due to repositioning and Soul Armor
  • Suffers from Mid-row claustrophobia
  • No CC / team de/buff skills ¬†
  • Mostly outclassed by other mages/marksman
  • Can buff her teams Damage substantially
  • Wide AoE radius¬†
  • Lowers the entire enemy teams armor
  • Works well with other Kung-Fu heroes
  • Can use Frost Wail to create a clone of herself
  • Mediocre damage¬†
  • Positioning problems: most effective on a 2/1/2 line up for her AP/AD Buff to effect her whole team, but she shares her Mid-row position with West (Kung Fu World Awakening lead)
  • Knocks back all enemy tanks at the start of the battle, opening up some interesting tactics
  • Targets Back-row heroes first
  • Currently the only damage dealer which benefits from Uthers Silver Armor Awakening
  • Tends to die really fast at low/med star levels
  • Initial knock-back is only cast once and is only truly effective if coupled with Sebastian's speed buff
  • Only effective coupled with other back-row attackers such as Pearl, Smoke, Yuan and Mira, otherwise he will most likely turn into more of a liability due to the teams damage output not being focused enough (especially when fighting healers)
  • Arguably the best Tower Defense hero
  • Great physical AoE damage
  • Excellent for Crusade and Crystal Dungeon
  • Soul Stones available through Gold Wish
  • Frail mid-row
  • Suffers from mid-row claustrophobia
  • Decent support abilities for physical teams
  • Awakening can provide a substantial HP-boost to "New Recruit" heroes
  • Soul Stones available through Gold Wish
  • Frail mid-row
  • Suffers from mid-row claustrophobia
  • Usually tends to be outclassed by other marksman
  • Frighteningly massive physical damage¬†
  • Can bypass tanks by locking onto the most wounded target¬†
  • Part of Bullet Time Awakening Group
  • Soul Stones available in Crusade Shop
  • Can have trouble with pet summoners due to her complete absence of AoE damage
  • Has trouble dealing with high armor teams
  • Good overall damage
  • Can remove shields, lower healing or outright prevent it
  • Soul Stones available through Hero Brawl and Gold Wish
  • Part of Bullet Time Awakening Group
  • Ultimate is a bit underwhelming and sometimes prone to miss
  • Excellent support type Marksman
  • Deals AoE damage to back row heroes
  • Works EXTREMELY well with Mira
  • Part of Bullet Time Awakening Group
  • Questionable gear
  • Obtaining Soul Stones may be tedious due to their limited distribution
  • Decent damage output and tank-level survivability¬†
  • Continuous AoE damage
  • Tends to charge all over the place, potentially failing to provide focused damage when dealing with healers
  • Great Physical damage output
  • Good AoE capabilities
  • Excellent counter to mid-row heavy line-ups
  • Part of Bullet Time Awakening Group
  • Underwhelming Gear options
  • Rocket Booster may sometimes backfire and result in her premature demise
  • Excellent physical damage
  • Great survivability
  • Excellent in pretty much any part of the game (pvp, dungeon, crusade, tower defense, team raid)
  • Works well together with other Kung-Fu heroes
  • Can't replace a tank, he is a good damage dealer, but not a good damage absorber unlike any other tank.
  • Vulnerable to CC effects such as stun, freeze and silence.
  • Excellent damage
  • Appears behind the enemy formation and attacks back row heroes first¬†
  • Ultimate provides mass CC which allows your team to focus damage on a single hero
  • Works well with other Kung-Fu heroes
  • May have trouble dealing with Aurai
  • Can die rather fast when dealing with 3 backrow hero line-ups
  • Ultimate can sometimes completely screw you up, especially when fighting against healers and summoners
  • Outstanding physical damage
  • The undisputed Queen of team raid damage charts
  • Part of Bullet Time Awakening Group
  • Frail mid-row
  • Suffers from mid-row claustrophobia
  • Decent physical damage against Magic Teams
  • Soul Stones available in Abyss Shop
  • Outclassed by other Marksman
  • Good physical damage
  • Kung-Fu World Awakening Group Lead (provides armor penetration to some excellent physical heroes)
  • Frail mid-row
  • Requires Awakening to be viable
  • Can hit like a truck due to two stacking passive Attack Damage buffs
  • Gains decent bulk from Dragon Prayer
  • Part of Bullet Time Awakening Group
  • Soul Stones available in Abyss Shop
  • Lone Dog Awakening Group Lead
  • Suffers from mid-row claustrophobia
  • Good AoE physical damage
  • Can create a clone of herself using Frost Wail¬†
  • Extremely useful in Crusade and Crystal Dungeon
  • In PvP her Ultimate tends to come too late and the AI usually aiming it poorly does not help either¬†


Hero Pros Cons
  • Good physical bulk
  • Can rush into the enemy back row
  • Shield can easily be removed by Pandarus
Little Red
  • Can lower the entire enemy teams armor
  • Has a fairly significant energy drain skill
  • Frail mid-row
  • Suffers from mid-row claustrophobia
  • Usually outclassed by Marksman heroes
  • Decent in tower defense mode
  • Completely outclassed by other Marksman, Mages and Cannons
  • Can summon massive amounts of Scarabs that serve as excellent distractions and soak up significant amounts of damage for your team
  • Uses his own health for summoning, thus can be really frail without a healer to back him up
  • Some heroes such as Leon, Diaochan and Phoenix Wing users such as Lorya and Grunk can literally feed upon his summons
  • Can take a decent amount of beating
  • Usually outclassed by other heroes
  • One of the very few free Magic damage based back row heroes¬†
  • Awakening doesn't seem to do anything
  • Contributes nothing but damage to the team
  • Usually outclassed by other heroes

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