About Edit

Front row tank. Physical basic attack. Possesses powerful regeneration capabilities.


Torture Mask

Torture Mask
Places a mask which absorbs all dmg taken by allies. After 4s, the mask explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies and lowering their energy. If destroyed before 4s, the explosion will deal less dmg.

Soul Chain

Soul Chain
Chains his soul to the rest of his team and transfers 50% of final damage taken by him to his teammates, spread equally among them. Also reduces this damage by a certain percentage.


Slices an enemy in front of him with his chain saw, dealing damage and absorbing the enemy's energy.


Slowly regens health for the whole team during battles.

Runes Edit

Grey → Green
Green → Green +1
Green + 1 → Blue
Blue → Blue +1
Blue +1 → Blue +2
Blue +2 → Purple
Purple → Purple +1
Purple +1 → Purple +2
Purple +2 → Purple +3
Purple +3 → Purple +4
Purple +4 → Orange
Orange → Orange +1
Orange +1 → Orange +2
Orange +2 → Orange +3
Orange +3 → Orange +4
Orange +4 → Orange +5

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O O+2
Chain Armor Wakeup Flute Polar Armor Assassin's Dagger Gold Armor Dragon Blood Golden Apple Ethereal Shield

Soulstone LocationEdit

Not available from chapters now. March sign in hero.

Strategy Edit


Slash name changed to Jason in version


References Edit

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