About Edit

Avatar Merlynn
Mid row Support.

Magic Basic Attack.
Can summon small animals to buff the team's lifesteal when using magic skills. Her passive increases the whole team's Ability Power.


Elven Shield

Elven Shield

Buffs a target with Elven Magic, raising Ability Power and Magic Lifesteal.
Ability Power +4736.3 @90.
Magic Strike

Magic Strike

Releases magic energy, dealing magic damage to surrounding enemies.
Damage +3358.2 @90.
Elven Summons

Elven Summons

Summons 3 little animals. These animals won't attack, but as long as they survive they will increase their teams's Magic Lifesteal.
Magic Lifesteal from Animal +18% @90.
Forest Blessing

Forest Blessing

The ability power of the whole team is increased by the power of the forest.
Ability Power +777.7 @90.

Awakening Edit

Merlynn' 5th skill unlocked by the Awakening quest is Magic Revival.

Magic Rush

Magic Revival

Increases Magic Lifesteal for Magic Rush heroes.
Increases Magic Lifesteal of Magic Rush Heroes in party.
  • Magic Lifesteal Effect +18% @90

Merlynn is part of 2 Hero Groups and is affected by the following awakenings:

Runes Edit

Grey to Green

Green to Green +1

Green + 1 to Blue

Blue to Blue + 1

Blue +1 to Blue +2

Blue +2 to Purple

Purple to Purple +1

Purple +1 to Purple +2

Purple +2 to Purple +3

Purple +3 to Purple +4

Purple +4 to Orange

Orange to Orange +1

Orange +1 to Orange +2

Orange +2 to Orange +3

Orange +3 to ?

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Lucky Coin Wakeup Flute Spore Umbrella Assassin's Dagger Sebastian Shield Viper Elixir Robert's Gauntlet

Soulstone LocationEdit

  • Elite Campaign - Chapter 5-7: King of the Beasts
  • Elite Campaign - Chapter 11-6 Finish the Job
  • Legend Campaign - Chapter 9-2: Scramble

Strategy Edit

  • Best with teams based on magic;
  • Excellent reduction magic damage.


  • Introduced in July 2015
  • Sign-in Hero for the month of July and November 2015


  • July 16, 2015 : Raised HP growth value
  • Aug 19, 2015 : Increased energy regen; Increased AP buff; Lifesteal added to Elven Shield (Ultimate Skill)
  • Aug 26, 2015 : Changed Merlynn’s shapeshift to affect the enemy nearest to her team’s formation
  • Nov 18, 2015 : 1.1.35 - Included as a Crusade Soulstone Drop
  • Jan 25, 2016 : 1.1.49 - Magic Morph Armor/MR Strip added; Adjusted skill order
  • Feb 13, 2016: 1.1.48 - Decreased Skill cooldown; Adjusted skill order again
  • Feb 2016 : 1.1.52 - Awakening Announced
  • Skills changed in version


References Edit

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