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Avatar Muse

Mid row Support.
She can fuck you up
Her melodies can heal allies' wounds.


Goddess Mercy

Galactic Blast

Heals allies in fan-shaped area and deals damage and stun to any enemies that area.
Health Regen Effect +3109; Damage +3109 @90

  • Hit rate of Stun increases with skill level (100% if skill level >= target's level).
Light Blessing

Healing Star

Heals her 3 most-injured teammates. Healing diminishes 20% with each bounce.
Health Regen Effect +3109 @90
Healing Star

Light Blessing

Protects the most injured teammate, increasing the teammate's dodge ability for a time.
Dodge +36% @90
Galactic Blast

Light Blessing

The mercy of the goddess raises the whole team's Ability Power.
Ability Power +777.7 @90

Runes Edit

Grey to Green

Green to Green +1

Green +1 to Blue

Blue to Blue +1

Blue +1 to Blue +2

Blue +2 to Purple

Purple to Purple +1

Purple +1 to Purple +2

Purple +2 to Purple +3

Purple +3 to Purple +4

Purple +4 to Orange

Orange to Orange +1

Orange +1 to Orange +2

Orange +2 to Orange +3

Orange +3 to ?

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Little Wand Clown Shoes Artist Mask Skeleton Scepter Spirit Urn Soul Armor Ring of Power

Soulstone LocationEdit

  • Campaign - Elite Chapter 1-6: Last Stand
  • Campaign - Elite Chapter 5-3: Crusade
  • Campaign - Legend Chapter 11-5: Master

Strategy Edit

Best with: Pandarus, Watson, Salman and Jacob

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